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The Institute is run by the Forum for Culture Studies, an organization of university teachers and senior academics, carrying out research and extension activities of interdisciplinary nature, particularly, in language and communication.

Language and culture are inseparable and they shape each other. Every member of a society, by practicing a culture and by using its language, contributes in this process of shaping. Culture and language, thus are always in a state of flux. The Forum believes in this dynamism and our prime objective is to promote all kind of research and extension work related to this phenomenon.

The Forum for Culture Studies and its sister-concern, Forum for Innovation and Transformation, both duly registered trusts, organize their activities at three interrelated levels:

A. Teaching and Research

The Forum runs the Institute of Advanced Studies in English, recognized by and affiliated to the University of Pune. It mainly conducts teaching and research for M. A., M. Phil. and Ph. D. Courses. Novel teaching and managerial practices, emphasis on student participation, association of renowned teachers and scholars and a meticulously developed library are the major features of the Institute.

B. Publications

As a corollary to the Research Institute, the Forum has an equally productive publications wing. The internationally recognized journals entitled Asian Quarterly: An International Journal of Contemporary Issues and Asian Journal of English Studies are our major publication. Products of senior academics and research scholars belonging to over ten nationalities, the journals provide selected and relevant reading material on language, literature and culture. Our other publications include books on English, monographs on different topics of current interest, particularly in linguistics.

C. Extension

The organization of Certificate Courses in Communicative English for Indian as well as International students has been a major extension activity of the Forum. The Forum also provides consultancy in various aspects related to the use of English, material production, etc. Short-term, need-based programs and orientation courses for building up confidence in the use of English are our special features. Teacher Enrichment Program (TEP) designed specially for schoolteachers teaching English has been recognized as one of the most important contributions of the Forum in strengthening the teaching of English in schools. By now, more than 3000 teachers have been covered under this program.