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IASE: A Unique Concept

Institute of Advanced Studies in English (IASE) is a product of our belief that language, culture and progress are inseparable and that language is the key to solve all human problems. Language is more useful and basic for human happiness than even science and technology. Adequate understanding of how language works is, therefore, a definite step towards success and happiness.

Language needs to be looked at as ‘discourse’, i. e., ‘a process by which we create, relate, organize and realize meaning’. In other words, meaning emerges through social interaction. The IASE provides an opportunity for exploring into this interdisciplinary nature of language.

English, being an international language, is one of the most powerful social instruments. Like a ray that changes its direction while passing through water, English changes its nature when it comes in contact with alien cultures. The English used by multilingual and multicultural people, therefore, needs to be put in a fresh perspective. The IASE aims at finding relevant solutions to this problem.

Above all, the IASE aims at developing an international character full of confidence, quality and relevance. Our prime objective is to give the knowledge, ideas and skills that are necessary for living and working successfully in the rapidly changing world.

Future-centric and flexible approach, zeal for experimentation and professional teaching and managerial practices are our real strength. The healthy work culture, sense of belonging and satisfaction seen in the students’ words and deeds, teachers’ eagerness to satisfy the curiosity of the students and everybody from top to bottom incessantly working towards a common goal are the unique features of the IASE.

Association of leading Indian educationists and internationally reputed scholars, teachers and researchers from various nationalities is a matter of pride for us. The opportunities of interactions that our students get are special and highly enriching.