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Certificate Courses

The following courses of the University of Pune are offered at the IASE:


It is a one year one-year course of Savitribai Phule Pune University specially designed for developing communication skills in English. It is especiallu useful for international students who learn English as a foreign language/ Third language.


We also offer the Savitribai Phule Pune University Certificate Course in Japanese. It is a one-year evening course.


In addition, we offer autonomous Courses in Communicative English at the basic, intermediate and advanced levels. The duration of each of these courses is three-months.




(An Innovative Support System for Learners of English)

is our outreach program aiming at developing communicative skills in English at four levels, pre-basic, basic, intermediate, and advanced. It is a four-month, activity-based course conducted by well-trained Mentors with the help of meticulously designed support material. The conceptual and operative details are as follows:  


Majority of learners from schools and colleges all over India lack communication skills in English. This lacunae considerably hampers their confidence and employability. 

Speaking English confidently is not an impossible task. It can be effectively achieved by developing adequate grammatrical competence, active vocabulary and language contact. This trinity can be activated through a program based on four corner-stones of innovative support material, activity-induced learner initiative, controlled environment and effective mentoring.

The Concept of Incubation

Institute of Advanced Studies in English (IASE) has designed this activity-based program for helping the learners of English. The hallmarks of the program are as follows:

a. Controlled Environment: The program is designed for creating a controlled environment called 'My Incubation Center' (MIC) that ensures adequate contact with English language as well as a channelized practice in using English.

b. Learner Initiative: The word 'practice' indicates learner-centrality. The activities to be carried out by the learners are designed to support, foster and accelerate the use of English.

c: Support Material: Support material includes strategically designed and graded language activities meandering through grammatical and vocabulary items along functional lines.

d. Mentoring: Each center has a local mentor. Mentors teach minimum, they mainly assist and channelize learners' efforts to complete the activities and assignments and monitor the learners' progress.

e. Setting Good Model: Carefully selected good users of English called external mentors visit the MICs, mix with the learners, boost their confidence and present a good model of English.

f. Training of Mentors: The local and external mentors are given a specialized training in conducting the MIC, dealing with support material and in assisting the learners. 

g. Feedback and Revision: There is a mechanism for getting regular feedback and the inputs received are continually incorporated in the training modules and the revised support material.

h. Evaluation and Certification: The progress of the learners is evaluated through the records maintained by the local mentors and a test conducted at the end of the program. IASE issues certificates.

Organization and Functioning of MIC

a.Organization of Batches: Each MIC may have several batches, each having maximum 25 learners. The duration of the program is 200 clock hours of which 100 clock hours are spent at the MIC and the remaining 100 clock hours are dedicated to home assignments. The MIC component of 100 clock hours can be conducted in two ways, one clock hour per day on six days per week or two clock hours per day on alternate days. 

b. Four Levels: There are four levels at which the program is conducted; pre-basic, basic, interemediate and advanced. The learners are assigned to an appropriate level through a diagnostic test conducted on the first day. The support material has specific information chunks, activities and assignments for each level. 

c. Support Material: Support material consists of language activities to be carried out by the learners as per the guidelines given in the Learners' Manual. Mentoring is channelized through the Mentors' Manual.

d. Hosts and Mentors: Schools, colleges or independent entities/persons can act as hosts and launch MICs by signing an MOU. Mentors are identified either by the hosts or mutually by the hosts and the IASE. In either case, the mentors are trained by the IASE. 

e. Infrastructure & Equipment: The infrastructure and equipment required includes a room with a size enough for accommodating 25 learners, movable chairs, white/black board, leptop /computer with speakers, pendrive and recommended dictionaries. Mentors need to have smart phones. It is desirable to provide the Internet and LCD Projector.

f. Date of Launch: The first centers (MICs) are proposed to be launched in April, 2018. Thereafter, the hosts can launch new centers whenever they find suitable. 

  The first Training Program for Mentors has been scheduled in Aurangabad on Sunday, 15 April 2018.

Contact Details

Institute of Advanced Studies in English, Sankalp Park, Aundh, Pune 411007 (Maharashtra State)

Phone Nos: 08308908349/020-27297101/07888049405   Email: 


Prospective Hosts & Mentors

Hosts: Schools, Colleges or Individuals ready to provide the required infrastructure

Mentors: Minimum graduates in English with a high level of proficiency in English

Individuals fulfilling both the criteria can work as Hosts as well as Mentors

Expression of Intent: Hosts and mentors desiring to launch MICs need to submit the following information either by sending an email or posting a handwritten/printed letter on the address given under 'Contact Details'.

1. Name of the Host 2. Occupation & Location 3.Name of the Mentor 4. Mentor's Qualifications 5. Mentor's Present Occupation 6. Mentor's Proficiency in English 7. Address at which the Center is Proposed to be Located  8. Infrastructure Available 9. Probable Enrolment (Level-wise) 10. Contact numbers and email ID.  

After receiving the expression of intent, the organizers will contact the hosts.

The first Training Program for Mentors has been scheduled in Aurangabad on Sunday, 15 April 2018. The details are posted on MIC Whatsapp group.